Nike We Run Manila 2013


Last October 31st, me and my buddy registered online for this one of the most awaited year-end running event.

Nike We Run Manila 2013 is part of the Nike We Run Series . This year marks the 5th anniversary and it continues the celebration by inspiring athletes around the world with races in 26 cities. It kicked off last August 31 in Prague, Czech Republic and will conclude on December 15 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Nike’s We Run races range from 5K to a full marathon. From Sao Paulo, to Seoul, to Singapore, runners will be moved to action through a series of unique experiences. Last year, they had Nike We Run Manila 2012 10K in MOA. (But me and my friends didn’t made through in the registration last year due to all slots been taken.) Thankfully we made it this year and be able to experience a new challenge which is a buddy run for this year.

It will be a exciting run as the event will have the Marikina route which is new to me and maybe its a bit better from MOA. (It’s always good to run on something different than the regular routes.) 😉

The Nike We Run Manila racekit

NikeWeRunManila2013 collage

Nike We Run Manila 10k
When: December 01, 2013 @ 4PM
Where: Marikina Sports Center, Marikina
Organizer: Runrio


– A slot in the Nike We Run Manila 10K race
– An exclusive Nike We Run Manila 10K Tee
– D-Tag
– Nike Sports water bottle
– Nike tote bag
– Cut-off time: 2 hours and 30 minutes
– Nike We Run Manila Faqs

P.S. -The Nike tech shirt is really nice and comfy, better than last year I think. This time a better dri-fit race shirt.

So hope to have a great run with my buddy. 😉

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The 6.25 hour Companionship

RUPM Medal Completion

I just finally had my first marathon last October 6th 2013 and though I didn’t manage to train hard for this running event,  still finished strong and happy. With less training because of being busy on many things, I decided to run as a pacer for my friend so I just end up of three goals for this run. One is to stay with my buddy, second is endure with my buddy and third is finish strong with my buddy.

I’ve been all positive on the race having it as my first time and I had also strive to be encouraging with my running buddy. On the whole marathon, my focus was always been with her really checking up on many things like posture, pacing or steps, hydration etc. As  my first time to do it being a pacer, it had excite me at the beginning of the run but when we were already in the middle of the marathon up to the last kilometers there I felt the pressure of being a 1st time pacer.


U-turn at Luneta Park Manila – 25 km mark.

Expectations are fading and carnality had risen on the horizon as running with a buddy. Pushing somebody’s limit or challenging them is not that easy as I’ve proven specially in this marathon. There were times on the race that I felt I just go ahead and run fast to get a better time for my first marathon leaving my running buddy behind. But  one thing that I’ve learn in this run is to forget our selfishness and focus on others needs. My buddy had  experienced a big challenge specially that she had clogged nose so that made it hard for her to breathe naturally and it end up with an asthma attack in the 30 km mark. But I was so thankful that we promptly treated the problem with the medical team along the road to get some oxygen as first aid.  At first thought she’s going to end up just declaring it DNF (Did not finish)  but much to my surprise that she still wants to continue and finish the marathon. Seeing her eyes beaming with courage and determination, I just smiled and say OKAY let’s do it. After spending thirty minutes on the ambulance, my buddy finally recovered and was ready to crush the last 12 kilometers with a strategy of WRW (Walk-Run-Walk).


So we did bare to finish the race in that strategy but on the last 6 kilometers we end up removing the RW and it was just W (walk).  But it is indeed a very FAST WALK and we even overtaken others who are jogging along the on the last 6 kilometers.

Along MOA as the last stretch to the finish line.

Along MOA as the last stretch to the finish line.

For the last stretch to the finish line, I told my buddy to run and give all that we got to finish strong passing the finish line. So  we did and we truly felt so happy about it that while we run towards the last 400 meters to the finish line, people started to cheer for us along the route.  Though I ended up dragging her a bit because of my excitement towards the finish line, still she truly finish strong with me. After passing the line,  staff in the event approached us and put our big  medals around our neck and we just had our big smile just having the great feeling of accomplishment enduring and finishing strongly for  our first marathon. I was so thankful and never regretted that even though it took us so long to finish the race, I gained a very wonderful and unique lesson of fighting selfishness and just enduring to the end. Striving to be an encouragement unto others was big test for me in this kind of event but I really enjoyed. We ran the marathon for hardly six and twenty-five hours , but for me I might say I ran for a 6.25 hour companionship, the best run that I’ve ever had!

Marathoners Podium Finish

Marathoners Podium Finish with my running buddy.



Thanks for the organizers: Unilab Active Health, RunRio and others for putting up this event and be able to experience it. Wishing all the best!

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Barefoot Running in the rain


Just this Sunday August 17th, I’ve been able to get out from Manila and head to Angeles city Pampanga to attend a barbecue afternoon with my very special friends and family.  But from the past days, the country particularly here in Luzon had been experiencing a lot of rains so we really ended up getting together indoor but though it was still an awesome gathering.  After the wonderful activity, I decided to squeeze a quick 30 minute run under the rain. But I didn’t laced up with my shoes because I decided to run barefoot thinking that it would be fun and wanting to experience the feeling of running naturally with my barefoot. At first it was really hard to go fast and I was really having a slow pace but after getting used to the ground, I’ve started to enjoy after five minutes of running. I was also really cautious to with my steps always watching if I would be stepping to any little object or land mines (Animal manure).

It was truly a unique experience for me specially under the rain as I didn’t got tired that it was just like a very easy run. But I didn’t like the experience of accidentally stepping unto small stones or pebble on the road as it is painful though I did bare some of it. It was also amazing that the body can react so quickly whenever your foot steps on a hard or rocky surface, changing the center of your gravity making your steps light enough. Indeed, our feet was amazingly & perfectly designed by our Great Engineer and Creator who is also the author of the vast limitless universe.

I look forward to dare myself running in barefoot in a fun run.

My running route under the rain. 2.66 miles

My running route under the rain. 2.66 miles

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Registered for Run United Philippine Marathon 2013

My RUPM 42km Race kit

Yahoo! This is it as to dare to fulfill one of my short term goals. Registered already for my first marathon and maybe it will be my last longest running event this year. Also will be running with one of my buddies from Run United 2. Very excited and hope to train smart and strong.

RUPM runners, see you all after 46 days!

Finisher’s Kit:

42 km& 21km Medal


Ventilation Bag

More Information, visit links below:

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The Afroman Distance Experience

Run United 2Last June 2, 2013 I had the opportunity to level up my running experience as I plunged to one of the most popular running event series in the Philippines by RunRio and Unilab, “The  Run United 2″. I registered for the 32 kilometer as they call it “Afroman distance” and this was my first long distance running event after my 18 kilometer in Philhealth Run last February 14th.

It was truly a unique experience running in this category as I haven’t had my half-marathon  and that jumping to 32 kilometer distance got me in mix emotions. But and my mind I keep telling myself that I must surpass this challenge in preparation for my first marathon this year if ever and as they said that it is what this distance category meant for. I registered in the last week of April along with a friend so I just had almost 7 weeks to train for it. I’ve planned and made my own training program that was suitable for just 5-6 weeks of running schedule. So I’ve marked my calendar for every week tapping a total of 3 runs, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday (LSD). I’ve based this program from what I’ve research with our best friend in the world wide web – Mr.Google.

It was a struggle striving to put the effort in my training schedules as I got busy in many other activities aside from my job. Also the stress of travelling 4-hours a day was added to the pressure making me feel so tired and procrastinate my run for the day. Thankfully, as one of my friend registered also in the same distance, we’ve pushed and strove together to make our runs every week despite of busy schedules. Every after work for Tuesday and Thursday, we run at Ayala triangle or even extending that going to BGC taguig using the McKinley Route. Added to my training is taking some hills and good thing is that where I live in Filinvest II Batasan Hills was perfect place that I could run some nice elevation. So some mornings and nights that I took up that hilly route as part of my easy and fast runs. But one thing that I’ve lacked on this training was to make a 3-4 hour LSD as I only had 2-3 hours of it throughout the training as I got busy on some of my Sundays. Though I was really pushing on my training and being so positive that I could finish the race and having a running buddy truly helps on not only focusing on the self but focusing to help others to achieve the goal, to conquer the afroman distance. I felt satisfied & happy in this area where I had dared and shared the challenge and experience to others.

32k Run Map

The 32km Map

Having some other activities or responsibilities had been also very helpful to me as to divert and relax myself from some of the pressures in preparation for this run. Striving to balance things out and accomplish other goals for the month before this big day run was enjoyable, it had lead me to push harder and be excited also whenever I  make some runs for training.

The night of the race day came, am very thankful that I’ve been able to sleepover to one of my friend’s house in Makati that it had been greatly contributed for having a good rest and short time travelling going to Mall of Asia. They also hosted a carbo-loading for me cooking a delightful pasta that is a little spicy but I loved it.( Thanks Brahm and Heide.). It was hard for me to sleep around 9 to 10pm and I felt that I just had a power nap as I woke up at 12:55 AM. Then I made my special morning preps and then quickly put my running gears and packed up my own power run breakfast (Raisin bread, Bananas, SNICKERS, & Gatorade.) We took a taxi with my 3 running buddies going to MOA by 2 AM to secure other things and catch up with the 3 AM gun start. Fast forward, we lined up ourselves in the middle of the sea of runners maybe 30-40 meters from the Starting line. While others are busy on the countdown, I kept on refreshing myself with some goals that I’ve set for the run. One is to FINISH(most important goal), two is to finish the race around less than 4 hours, and three is to finish strong by sprinting 100 meters down to the finish line. As the countdown timer ticks out, we got more tense and we’re oozing with perspiration, that our endorphins ready to burst out.

Around Roxas Blvd

Around Roxas Blvd

We’re chatting a bit and exchanging some smiles with my running buddy, Lulu after a quick official warm up exercise and then 10..9..8..7..6. 5..4..3..2..1.. BANG! Focus and excitement leveled up and the sea of runners began to move like gathering waves pushing forward pounding the road. We’ve positioned ourselves just on the right side just perfect for us to easily rush on and overtake others. But as we’ve plan that we will go slow & easy for 3-5km to really get our legs warmed up and to reserve our energy for a 2-3 hours running.


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