Barefoot Running in the rain


Just this Sunday August 17th, I’ve been able to get out from Manila and head to Angeles city Pampanga to attend a barbecue afternoon with my very special friends and family.  But from the past days, the country particularly here in Luzon had been experiencing a lot of rains so we really ended up getting together indoor but though it was still an awesome gathering.  After the wonderful activity, I decided to squeeze a quick 30 minute run under the rain. But I didn’t laced up with my shoes because I decided to run barefoot thinking that it would be fun and wanting to experience the feeling of running naturally with my barefoot. At first it was really hard to go fast and I was really having a slow pace but after getting used to the ground, I’ve started to enjoy after five minutes of running. I was also really cautious to with my steps always watching if I would be stepping to any little object or land mines (Animal manure).

It was truly a unique experience for me specially under the rain as I didn’t got tired that it was just like a very easy run. But I didn’t like the experience of accidentally stepping unto small stones or pebble on the road as it is painful though I did bare some of it. It was also amazing that the body can react so quickly whenever your foot steps on a hard or rocky surface, changing the center of your gravity making your steps light enough. Indeed, our feet was amazingly & perfectly designed by our Great Engineer and Creator who is also the author of the vast limitless universe.

I look forward to dare myself running in barefoot in a fun run.

My running route under the rain. 2.66 miles

My running route under the rain. 2.66 miles

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