The 6.25 hour Companionship

RUPM Medal Completion

I just finally had my first marathon last October 6th 2013 and though I didn’t manage to train hard for this running event,  still finished strong and happy. With less training because of being busy on many things, I decided to run as a pacer for my friend so I just end up of three goals for this run. One is to stay with my buddy, second is endure with my buddy and third is finish strong with my buddy.

I’ve been all positive on the race having it as my first time and I had also strive to be encouraging with my running buddy. On the whole marathon, my focus was always been with her really checking up on many things like posture, pacing or steps, hydration etc. As  my first time to do it being a pacer, it had excite me at the beginning of the run but when we were already in the middle of the marathon up to the last kilometers there I felt the pressure of being a 1st time pacer.


U-turn at Luneta Park Manila – 25 km mark.

Expectations are fading and carnality had risen on the horizon as running with a buddy. Pushing somebody’s limit or challenging them is not that easy as I’ve proven specially in this marathon. There were times on the race that I felt I just go ahead and run fast to get a better time for my first marathon leaving my running buddy behind. But  one thing that I’ve learn in this run is to forget our selfishness and focus on others needs. My buddy had  experienced a big challenge specially that she had clogged nose so that made it hard for her to breathe naturally and it end up with an asthma attack in the 30 km mark. But I was so thankful that we promptly treated the problem with the medical team along the road to get some oxygen as first aid.  At first thought she’s going to end up just declaring it DNF (Did not finish)  but much to my surprise that she still wants to continue and finish the marathon. Seeing her eyes beaming with courage and determination, I just smiled and say OKAY let’s do it. After spending thirty minutes on the ambulance, my buddy finally recovered and was ready to crush the last 12 kilometers with a strategy of WRW (Walk-Run-Walk).


So we did bare to finish the race in that strategy but on the last 6 kilometers we end up removing the RW and it was just W (walk).  But it is indeed a very FAST WALK and we even overtaken others who are jogging along the on the last 6 kilometers.

Along MOA as the last stretch to the finish line.

Along MOA as the last stretch to the finish line.

For the last stretch to the finish line, I told my buddy to run and give all that we got to finish strong passing the finish line. So  we did and we truly felt so happy about it that while we run towards the last 400 meters to the finish line, people started to cheer for us along the route.  Though I ended up dragging her a bit because of my excitement towards the finish line, still she truly finish strong with me. After passing the line,  staff in the event approached us and put our big  medals around our neck and we just had our big smile just having the great feeling of accomplishment enduring and finishing strongly for  our first marathon. I was so thankful and never regretted that even though it took us so long to finish the race, I gained a very wonderful and unique lesson of fighting selfishness and just enduring to the end. Striving to be an encouragement unto others was big test for me in this kind of event but I really enjoyed. We ran the marathon for hardly six and twenty-five hours , but for me I might say I ran for a 6.25 hour companionship, the best run that I’ve ever had!

Marathoners Podium Finish

Marathoners Podium Finish with my running buddy.



Thanks for the organizers: Unilab Active Health, RunRio and others for putting up this event and be able to experience it. Wishing all the best!

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4 thoughts on “The 6.25 hour Companionship

  1. Way to go, Gilmer! Thanks for taking the time to write this. What a valuable lesson—and I’m sure your buddy appreciated it as well. I know you’ll have the opportunity to run a solo marathon with all you’ve got sometime soon. Keep it up!

    • Thanks so much Mr. Hilliker. Yes, great lesson indeed. You’ve encourage us with the online BS that you’ve gave and that is one of my inspiration. Hope to get detailed more though for this story. 😉

  2. Thanks for this Gilmer… Aha! so you were thinking of leaving your running buddy! 😀 Just kidding.
    I really appreciate your encouraging presence and the fact that you were checking on my posture and steps …and for literally dragging me to the finish line at that time. 😀

  3. jazzrunner

    Great race account! Congrats to both of you! 🙂

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